Events and Workshops

Missouri Writing Project Summer Institute

What is it?

The Summer Institute is a key component of the National Writing Project. This program, which has evolved from the model initiated by Jim Gray in 1974, provides productive professional development in the teaching of writing based on the premise that “successful teachers make the best teachers of other teachers.”  Key components of the MWP Summer Institute are daily writing, sharing, inquiry, and professional reading.

Who should Apply?

The Summer Institute is for teachers of all grade levels, preK-College, and from all disciplines, including science, special education, math, and CTE.

How does it work?

The Summer Institute is a collaborative workshop in which participants reflect on their teaching practice, gain access to new teaching strategies, and explore current research. Participants engage in writing activities that encourage understanding of current issues and invite teachers to recognize their role as leaders.

Here & Now! Place-Based Learning Summer Workshop at the WDHM

“The more I understand about myself and my immediate place, the more I understand the outside world and the better I can interpret it. We grow outward, like a tree, increasing our growth rings from the tight center of ‘I,’ which has a home, a town, a state, a country, a planet. From that center we reach out to understand the ever-expanding circles of experience. But first, we need to start in those places closest to our hearts.”

 – Robert Brooke

Who should Participate?

Teachers and teams of teachers from all ages and contents.

WDHM Place-based Learning Objectives: 

  • Foster many types of literacies
  • Leverage student, teacher, and community knowledge
  • Support cross-disciplinary and inquiry-based learning
  • Focus on habits of learning
  • Cultivate community partnerships.

Write to Learn Conference